What we aim for!

Our Erasmus+ partnership supports schools for vocational education and training (VET) all over Europe to play a crucial role in creating and boosting a culture of sustainability. By involving them holistically, VET-schools can explore their potential to become active drivers of the Green Transition.

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GreenVET Community of Practice

Get to know our Community of Practice which consists of VET-schools from Cyprus, Finland, Germany, Greece, Italy, Latvia, and Slovenia. GreenVET Pathway supports the community through transnational training opportunities and guides them through a Whole Institution Approach to sustainability.

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GreenVET Framework

How can vocational education and training support the Green Transition? How can VET-students benefit from the transformation the European Green Deal entails? How is sustainability taught best? How can we take the whole school community on board? The GreenVET framework aims to answer those and more questions on the intersection of VET and the Green Transition in an informative and comprehensive way.

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GreenVET Database

You are working at a VET-school and are on the lookout for valuable resources for greening your school and your teaching? You've come to the right place! Our GreenVET Database is a collection of resources contributed by project partners, our community of practice, but also by YOU. Browse what other VET-actors found helpful and share your very own findings to support your peers all over Europe!

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Online GreenVET Path

You are working, teaching, or learning at a VET-school and would love your institution to align its values, operations, and teachings to sustainability? This interactive online platform will guide your school through a Whole Institution Approach to sustainability, providing self-reflection opportunities, assessment tools, and easy-to-apply material to engage the school community.

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Find out about current events and news related to the GreenVET project.

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